At Immaculate Heart of Mary we value individual skills and encourage students to engage and enjoy exploring expressive forms, ideas, and values. The creative arts provides opportunities to enchant, explore, investigate and respond to the world through making and performing. We employ a specialised Creative Arts Teacher who teaches specific skills in these areas throughout the year.


The talents of the students are showcased through a number of special events including an Annual Talent Show. In 2019, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School Sefton entered Wakakirri for the first time. Wakakirri is Australia’s Largest Performing Arts Event. Each year hundreds of schools across Australia create Story-Dances for Wakakirri that reflect student’s thoughts, ideas and aspirations. These stories are performed in professional theatres in front of the official panel who are searching for ‘Story of the Year’. In the same year, our school was awarded ‘Story of the Year’ which was a wonderful accomplishment.


Students in the choir group will be exposed to a range of musical styles to develop their singing skills, and will have many performance opportunities throughout the year. All students from Year 3–6 are invited to join.